20 Day Mental Wellness Challenge

With Thanksgiving upon us and the air of gratitude, why not do a 20-day wellness challenge?!

I know it sounds weird – so much to do and now a challenge? But read the challenges… it’s worth it for wellness! Go to bed an hour earlier, journal, walk outside. No time after work – walk at lunch!

Lately, I have fallen into the 4th quarter trap. My holiday card is being finished up, I am already shopping for gifts, and doing a shelter lunch where my entire family serves lunch during the day of Thanksgiving! Check, check, check the boxes! I am usually the last person on my list, but this November what if we all added a 20-day wellness program? What if we did just 10 of the days listed here! Today I sent 5 hopeful texts and I got a massage… how about you?
We normally call the 4th quarter the season of others, but maybe, just maybe if we did a little self-care and started with being kind to ourselves, our gratitude at holiday time could be even greater because we are not running on empty!

Buy the mashed potatoes, offer to bring a dish or pie to the family get together or if the Thanksgiving dinner is at YOUR house… ask for help and enlist each person to be responsible for one item!! Everyone is happy to help! So go ahead, I dare you!

Take the 20-day challenge listed here or make your own. Sidestep the rush, sit in gratitude and beware… a little bit MORE happiness may be in store IF you take on the wellness challenge!

Send me your results! I’m waiting…

All my love,