16 for 2016

First and foremost I am grateful for an amazing 2015. Did I do everything on my list? Well, I did pretty well with most of what I set out to do. I am a work in progress. That said, I do not believe in guilt or shame over what did not get done off my list. This year I have another new chance to try again! 

I have been a goal-setter all my life. I still love to find old lists left in my desk or tacked up on boards and see the check marks. It’s probably no surprise that I find January refreshing. 

Welcome 2016. 

I am excited about a brand new start with my mindful 16 for 2016. How will you make this year different? What do you want to achieve? You can use my list or make your own. It takes a clear plan posted where you can see it as a reminder (and check it off once it’s done) or keep it up to learn a new habit- like giving up soda and drinking more green tea! Remember if you write it down …. You’re more apt to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

I wish you the very best this year accomplishing YOUR goals. I look forward to sharing 2016 with you and keeping you posted throughout the year. 

May it be a year of live, work and play in your city! 


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