Awards Season

March 11, 2016

Winning an award…

It feels good to be recognized by your peers, your industry, school or community, and especially your family. Last October, Multi-Housing News in New York City awarded Steve and I the national award for Executives of the Year.

This award made me think of our teams in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Austin, Texas. Not only our employees but I thought of our 3rd party providers as well. It also made me extremely proud to have our daughter Alexa in the audience. Steve and I have worked together for over 23 years and in that time we’ve recognized that today’s modern apartment living is more than good design and decorating, it is a lifestyle built around shared amenities, the latest technologies and personally selected staff members to maintain our projects. While our business has grown, this level of service remains an important cornerstone for us in all of our relationships, from bankers to partners, construction teams and beyond- we remain passionate about our business.

Alexa, Steve and I at the MHN 2015 Excellence Awards in NYC

Kindness, honesty, respect, accountability, and good communication move the needle within our in-house and our off-site teams. We instill these values because they are the most fundamental attributes we need to utilize to take good care of our tenants and our employees.

Our planning, data-driven choices, cutting-edge construction and design make us a front-runner in every market and known throughout the country as an inspired and focused organization.

Even with all that, the experts will tell you it is not enough to win. We need to be an innovator and a risk taker, as well as have the technical and financial background to place ALL the key factors in alignment. Our business takes bankers, brokers, lawyers, architects, designers, marketing teams, accountants, loan draw experts, construction teams, engineers, management teams and all sorts of vendors that bring the project together step-by-step.

Being a developer is like being the maestro – it takes years of our life to make our own brand of magic. This includes branding, getting to know each neighborhood and being able to create a story of life in the building and in its neighborhood.

We have become an industry leader by doing it over and over and over again in timeless design and thoughtful implementation.

Winning this award along with the LA Business Journal‘s AVANT award and Gibson Award make me truly thankful for our team.

Nobody truly does it alone.

Our daughter, Alexa, has had a very successful year herself. We are so proud of her.

Since the age of seven, Alexa has loved horses. She has had multiple teachers, guides, coaches and trainers throughout the years. At 21 years old, she won a first place ribbon for riding Tonka, her trainer’s horse. She has taken all her years of riding and experience and surrendered to the advice and teachings of her coach to really guide her to greatness at that moment. 14 years of riding has culminated in a big win for Mount Holyoke College. What really resonates with me are all the years I’ve watched her ride in Chicago, Mexico, California and all the way to college in Massachusetts. These are such joyful times watching her practice and enjoy riding.

Alexa’s First Place ribbon at Mount Holyoke College

When she fell off her horse, she got back on. Sometimes she gets up at 6am to get into the rink, other days she stays late to practice. Did she do it for the blue ribbon? No, she did it because she loves the sport. There is something deep inside that motivates her to do it and do it well.

In the same way, I have built project after project for over 30 years, simply because I love to design and build, renovate and brand.

The homes and buildings I have been fortunate enough to work on will be there long after I leave this world. Kinzie Station has become a neighborhood of 2,145 apartments and K2 Apartments will remain the olive branch between River North and the West Loop in Chicago. K2 LA is now the largest development in Korea Town.

Which one is the best? I hope my next project!

Doing what you love is the greatest gift. If you win an award, it is a treasure and an honor. But to be able to do what you love everyday of your life with people that love what they do too…now that is really winning the award of a lifetime.

The Fifield team accepting the AVANT Award and the Gibson Award by the LA Business Journal

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