California Dreaming

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-11-16-22-amThere is no doubt that California offers a plethora of outstanding daily living advantages. The temperate warm weather and cool breezes at night make it easy to enjoy yourself day and night all year round. Because California is SO LARGE, one also has a host of hiking, skiing, surfing, running and biking adventures. You can even drive to these destinations.

A nice, new addition to LA is the Exposition Line that will enhance one’s ability to get to work, entertainment and even to the ocean in Santa Monica. Fresh food is abundant at many of the farmer’s markets and dining, wine and sweet treats have become staples by neighborhood businesses. 

Hollywood, Koreatown, downtown, and especially Santa Monica have grown these live, work and play concepts.

It’s true…Hollywood has made the entertainment business what it is today! However, movies, comedy, museums, and entertainment opportunities for young and old are throughout each community. Please look online and plan your adventure accordingly. Traveling at non-peak hours and preparing by packing water, snacks and planning adventure essentials will make your entertainment venue a success!

Adventures can be at home too! Using blue and white colors is a wonderful way to bring the outside into your home. 

Last week we opened Chelsea Apartments in Santa Monica!

fifield_chelsea-before-and-after-13-38_1rk fifield_chelsea-before-and-after-26-29_1rkThe video and before and after photos entice viewers, renters and California dreamers to experience the fun! On my first few trips to LA, I sent home pillows, candles, books and even light fixtures that were not offered in Chicago.

While California was a dream for me, I believe trip treasures like the ones I mention above helped manifest my ability to move there. These photos show color, texture, art, lights and bedding that can transform your current space or encourage a change of space all together.

At first I was just curious, like you reading, I wanted to learn or experience new ways of life out of the norm of my daily living experience. It took me 7 years to decide to move to LA. When I was in California, I looked at San Francisco, San Diego, Newport Beach, Rancho Santa Fe and Santa Barbara. They are ALL amazing cities for California dreaming.

Below is an invitation to come and see Chelsea Apartments. You do NOT need to be a renter to be inspired and enjoy the party. The roof deck, entry, five designer units AND the drinks and nibbles make for a tremendous day or early evening social event. Meeting Barclay Butera and Nadia Geller, our in-house interior designers, or running into an old or new friend can make a California Dream a reality!

I hope to see you at Chelsea on November 10th!