Ear Gear for Everyone


Warning: With the holidays ahead, this blog post may cause shopping!


Ear gear/headphones allow everyone to live, work and play more efficiently. Headphones today serve different purposes. Some are for noise canceling, some that are custom-made are for quality hearing, and some are for fashion and fun!

Having gifted several of these charming little buds…please find the below tutorial of my shopping experiences:

  1. Etymotic mk5 Isolator Earphones are a winner for some. These ear-fitting buds form a tight seal to create more private listening. They come in three styles of ear clips or tips along with a carrying case priced at $59. It could be right for you!
  2. Kids LOVE music and iPads! ReTrak Animalz makes plush headphones in animal designs that are fun and comfy to wear. They have volume-limiting technology to protect those little ears for under $20.
  3. Beats by Dre are a status symbol to many. They fit on top of your head and are larger than most. These headphones have many features besides just looking COOL. Technology options reign supreme as this company pioneers Wifi, wireless Bluetooth, and built-in mic and remote options. The price reflects their range of options at $329.99.
  4. Or, if you want custom-made ears that are noise canceling AND headphones with amplifiers built-in, try Ultimate Ears at $399. These custom molded earphones are the ones made famous by singers and rock musicians.
  5. Lastly, Wraps headphones wrap onto your wrist and include a built-in mic for $21.99. I saw a man running with these and it definitely kept his cardio up while talking during a great workout!

In my handbag or travel duffle, you will find several free earbuds from United, American or any other airline I travel. You may be able to find them at dollar stores too!

I am a parachute packer and have supplied my kids and friends with these handy little life savers in a pinch. While they are grateful, they still make fun of me!

Say what they may…I am grateful to have options with earbuds and hearing!

With respect for your ears and mine,