NEXT Before/After Transformations




At NEXT, I am constantly surprised by how much furniture our apartments hold! Empty spaces in apartments and homes can seem small and daunting. Time and time again we transform these spaces to inspire living at a whole new level by adding unique furniture and color to feel like home.


One thing we have moved forward with is movable islands or high kitchen tables as work spaces—the drama and functionality is noticeable and FUN!

My banker James Turner took me by the hand and said, “Randy Fifield … I do not know how, but you make 429 square feet feel larger than anyone I know.”

Large windows and unique modular furniture plays well in these units.





Mirrors and gallery art take the space up a notch.

Unique accessories like our Kelly Werstler lamps or air plants make a home look relevant and fresh.

Futons or full size couch/daybeds can make for a swing space to be used as an office or a second guest bedroom—they immediately make a space feel large and impressive.

Shelving also creates space for spacing saving/design features.

I put a glass and metal shelving unit in my South Beach condo bathroom that serves to hold hand towels, air freshener, extra soap, and a decorative silver cylinder to hold ear buds, tampons, band aids, ponytail holders and other guest essentials—it looks great and creates more space right over the toilet. The shelving unit as you pass by makes the space look like a room.

There are SO MANY wonderful ways to decorate today!





Stop by our NEXT Apartments in Chicago (coming to LA and Glendale, CA in 2017, 2018 respectively) or attend the opening of our Chelsea boutique luxury apartments at 1320 Second Street in downtown Santa Monica to see designers Barclay Butera and Nadia Geller firsthand on November 10th: 5 pm to 8 pm.

These units and layouts will inspire you no matter where you live, work and play today!