Property Technology: A Review of Companies Solving Horizontal Business Challenges

August 5, 2019

This real estate technology can help you right now!

We pride ourselves at The Fifield Companies at being committed to being at the forefront of market technology.

At this months lunch and learn we were thrilled to review these new “prop technology companies” with Constance Freedman from Moderne Ventures. These creative services fill a current void in the market place and are potential games changers in the making.

Our team was especially impressed with Porch. Porch allows your move seamless access to resolving issues around your move! Need some help? Think Porch and you may just have some help at your doorstep.

Constance and her team at Moderne Ventures reviews 4500 companies a year and was an early adaptor for doc u sign!

In our multi-family business, property technology companies can help the bottom line of our business. We can improve rent growth and offer or provide services not currently in an apartment building at potentially a lower cost bringing more services and amenities to our client.

Some property technology can also help us build more efficiently.

At Fifield we collaborate to learn more but also to share our insights as to WHY this systems intrigue our team or why the concepts may need more work.

Read more creative concepts below…you will be amazed at what’s on the horizon!

All my love –

By marrying design, technology, and community organizing, New Story, ICON, and fuseproject are bringing unprecedented speed and scale to designs aimed to elevate the lives of some of the most impoverished and vulnerable populations. The use of the 3D printer will also drastically increase the potential for speed & quality of construction.

Learn more:

New Story: https://newstorycharity.org

ICON: https://iconbuild.com

fuseproject: https://fuseproject.com/


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