Women in Building

On June 7th, 210 people came to listen to our “Women in Building” forum. My husband commented about how wonderful the energy and information was that was shared. He was also amazed at our insights, experiences and how differently women and men approach problems and work collaboratively. Steve’s observation was that our firm works better with diversity on our teams.

Maybe men and from Mars and women are from Venus, or maybe we just work better uniquely made. What I know for sure is that virtues of women that make it in real estate or building show up time and time again; we need to be tenacious. Working collaboratively, asking for what we need, putting ourselves out there and showing up are necessary to get ahead. Sometimes we are afraid, but we need to move forward regardless. We need to ask WHY, and review answers that have us looking at the unintended consequences of our actions or lack of action. Women should not go blindly – admire those that have come before us; you can create a new path and learn to do things differently.

Everyone that attended left feeling inspired. They learned from our panels “ boots on the ground” experiences and left having learned something new.

The rise of a career is not a vertical path straight up. You can take a few steps up and then, just like a game of shoots and ladders, you can slide right back to start – or sometimes we stay on the horizontal path until we are strong enough to make the climb up.

It takes years of experience to really get your game on! Find partners you enjoy and that you trust. On a daily basis, when a mistake is made, I have learned I can start myself over at anytime of the day! The only thing we can count on is that things will constantly change.

In looking back on my years of experience with Patty and Elissa, I have been changed for the better. In meeting and getting to know Judy Frydland, I am grateful to have a woman as a commissioner of building that keeps our citizens safe and women in building moving forward!

Enjoy the article about this forum featured in REjournals and please know, more women are building daily! You will hear from us again as we blaze our trail!

All my love;