A Bikini Body

Spring is here, and I love getting outside more!

I am definitely doing more to get ready for summer bathing suit season. Pilates, yoga, my morning protein drink, and walking my 10,000 steps a day helps! I added the app Ski Tracks to my iPhone and tracked how many miles I skied over spring break. Those 250 miles certainly helped shaped my legs, bottom and my arms. Plus, I had an amazing time with my kids and guests.

I was also motivated by this weeks PEOPLE Magazine featuring Brooke Shields at 52 showing a little more skin!

My daughters are an inspiration to me and also cheer me on. This love and appreciation serves as a bond. Christy Brinkley posed with her daughters on last years Sport’s Illustrated sharing her confidence at age 60.

I love that the norms have changed, and I’m embracing a curvy body that has had a life well lived. My body after babies is far from perfect but I am happy with my 5 kids and grateful for my waistline and the twinkle in my eye. Occasionally, I can turn heads, and my spirit for any sport is admirable. I am playful and active with a happy disposition.

Using SPF, eating right and proper exercise helps! Especially when these are life long habits.

I recently did a national talk show, airing in late April or early May, that talked about powerful women aging well.

I may not make the cover of PEOPLE, but I am so happy that I’m running my business and mentor women everyday to balance their lives, eat well, exercise and be their best selves. I am proud to also support women doing amazing things.

My aging well encourages my daughters, friends and, employees to embrace habits that will serve them well. People that invest in our business deals also know this wellness carries over into our office.

In April, I will be 52 just like Brooke. I am still wearing my bikini, doing deals, and feeling strong and confident. Maybe my attitude makes me look a little better or maybe it’s because I am more comfortable in my skin.

Regardless of your bathing suit choice, getting fresh air, yoga, protein and doing what you love will help you look and feel better everyday!

All my love,