We Are Better Together – A Fashion Model Collaboration!

Collaboration is a significant cornerstone in our business profile. We have showcased food, faucets, kitchen cabinets, art, interiors, local experiences, such as ping pong or restaurants, all sorts of wellness events, eye glasses, tech services, magazines and cooking classes! Dr. Phil, Target, and Jewel Osco have been big names for us to work with!

We are proud that as influencers we can prove over and over again that we are better together! Big, little, new or old, we need to adapt and then unite! This collaboration with Laura Delman for fall 2018 really hits home. Laura is a self made designer coming back to Chicago to shoot Fire + Ice.  We were honored when The Sinclair was selected for the photo shoot. Look for these photos in local magazines!

Why not shoot a fashion lookbook in a building built and financed by women? All of Laura’s clothes are designed and produced in America. In fact, the clothes are manufactured in New York and Laura Delman is headquartered in the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator – a hub for ethical fashion and design!

For those young women looking to blaze a new trail, look at Laura! These pieces work great for going to work or mixing and matching for a lunch or dinner out on the town!

The Sinclair was the perfect back drop to show off their fashion flair! To be able to work with Laura Delman was very special. It featured a fashion designer working in a city setting to tell the story of how women can be thoughtful, collaborative and stunning in an urban environment! The views and interiors show Laura’s designs in a unique way!

I love that these are REAL stories! The team at The Sinclair makes every day an experience.  We really do live, work and play in our buildings! We build green and we support new business, woman, tech incubators, accelerators, and new endeavors to keep our communities thriving!

We are better together – this I know for sure!

All my love,