Falling in Love


School starts and the holiday season is just around the corner. We become more grateful for our lives and we remember our wonderful summer highlights. We cherish big hugs as the routine of school, college or work life sets into motion and we know the fourth quarter wrap-up settles us down a bit.

The outdoor leaves of orange, yellow, hunter green and brown make everything look so picturesque. The crisp air reminds the soul that things are shifting. Root vegetables arrive at the farmers market making for yummy dinners, and pumpkins are a reminder of the coming holidays.

Apple picking, hay rides and fall festivals celebrate the seasons. Taffy apples, candy corn, cinnamon and pumpkin spice lattes make us happy. There is something childlike and comforting regardless if we partake in them or just enjoy the new decor.

We look forward to new TV shows, football and basketball.

A sweater, vest, scarf or light gloves feel perfect as we make our way to enjoy kids on the soccer field or a brisk walk. Let’s not forget the cozy fire or candles that make the season bright (and make the inside of our home feel like home).

Enjoy these last days of Indian Summer and fall in love again with fall! Get out and have a fall adventure!

Many things are happening right outside your city door. However, fall is the perfect time to have an adventure in your car to pick apples or get back to nature with weekend getaways or day trips that offer suburban fun!

When you find the right moment outside or in, stand back, take a deep breath and say to yourself  “I am grateful for this precious moment!”

Falling in love may catch you by surprise!