Man’s Best Friend

Usually when we open a new building, most articles are written about the neighborhood or the units themselves. NEXT Apartments in Chicago opened September 1st and our leasing trailer this summer leased our first 50 units, Daisy (our lovable Newfoundland and house dog) was the MOST talked about amenity including in many news and industry periodicals as well.

Statistics show having a pet around reduces stress. Having Daisy in our office has made us feel calm and relaxed too. The unconditional love of a pet can not only keep you happier but it makes you mentally and physically better too.

At NEXT, we will be doing doga! Yep…yoga with the pup. Thus…DOGA! Doing yoga has all sorts of benefits but dogs have been known to detect seizures before they happen, cancer and help the blind. Just keeping you company serves as a health benefit.

Families that have a dog, show kids with greater self esteem, patience and responsibility. Kids that have a dog usually miss less school too. Workplaces, restaurants and even more dogs are flying due to service dogs being a proven benefit.

While NEXT still has plenty of families with their own pet, Daisy has turned some heads as an advantage to living in our building. Some of our residents travel and cannot be home regularly. For others, the cost and upkeep of a pet is too much at this stage of the game. With Daisy available for tickles, kisses and walks she provides the pet benefits! Daisy is happy to share her dog spa for grooming or inside play dates when Fido needs to be social for his own benefit.

Please come meet Daisy at our Grand Opening parties on September 20, 21 and 22. There are tons of surprises in these events to enjoy including Vosges Chocolates, the Nextini and tremendous views and nightlife.

You can vote for your favorite designer unit AND your favorite amenity. Which will be yours? 

I hope to see you at NEXT! Please RSVP at



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