I Hit My Target

Twenty years ago, sometimes towing 5 kids into the store with me, I learned to LOVE Target! And while they did not have fresh food at that time, they did have Tide, dog food, wrapping paper, birthday gifts…and did I mention sparkly shoes for birthday princesses? Those necessities along with baby gear, books, and seasonal ornament hooks made it my go to place!


I would joke to friends that if I could live next door, my life would improve dramatically because, at the time, my weekly car trips to stock up took a lot of time out of my day. Well, in all these years, Target and I have come a long way! Target started supplying fresh food and built small Target urban stores in closer locations.

When we were building NEXT on Sixth in Koreatown Los Angeles, I joked that all of our retail space could be combined to make one great store, and then BAM!! They were signed sealed and delivered! We opened our apartments and rented at a nice clip, but since the store opened, no kidding, we can lease 16 units a week! Low and behold, everyone wants to live close to Target!

I have often been caught wearing my Chanel sunglasses, carrying a status handbag and wearing something from Target. I am proud of the value and how good I feel sharing my savvy choices! Up and down fashion is easily done with a Target tee!

In very short order we will be opening another Target in a food desert at 2500 N Milwaukee in Logan Square, Chicago. The neighborhood is excited for fresh food and soft goods along with the convenience it offers.

Our most precious commodity is time. We cannot make more of it! We bring about positive change for consumers and municipalities by building food store within walking distance – plus, getting people walking or riding their bike to run local errands becomes a win-win option.

Some say watch out for what you wish for because you just may get it! I am grateful for Target’s well-organized stores and that they have a wide variety of food, soft goods, and home furnishings. They even cater to green standards by carrying recycled products and make us all better at reducing our carbon footprint.

Maternity clothes are available and well priced for busy moms, and brands like Magnolia Home, Lily Pulitzer and even Hunter Boots bring quality cache to shopping in this right-sized store.

The Cartwheel App allows you to collect and unlock a variety of coupons for further savings. Your senses can also be stimulated by Starbucks coffee, in-store snacks, and some even offer ATM machines for quick cash or deposits.

In a pinch, I have picked up iPhone car chargers and camera batteries!! Two fewer stores to visit with that handy electronics department right by the books. I still like holding a real book. So while some things change, like living above the Target, little creature comforts like napkins, placemats, candles and lightbulbs make my life brighter having hit my Target goal!

Make your goal list!! As I always tell my kids, if you shoot for the moon you can land among the stars!!

Maybe some of the items on your goal list can be crossed off when YOU hit your Target!!