The Disconnect

More and more articles talk about daily stress overload, too much iPhone, and way too much time spent with a computer connection – especially social media! The hot topic of how to disconnect is actually a path for how to connect in a meaningful restorative ways. Putting down the iPhone for 24-48 hours can be almost as good as a weekend away!

Instant gratification and quick response time add to the daily pressure to think, act and perform. For many, it just leads to being burnt out and occasionally making errors.

Studies show multitasking and quick response time can diminish the productivity. What??? Let me repeat…doing too many things, whether responding or doing multiple things at one time, does not lead to high productivity. It is true! Shut it down. You heard me, take the time to relax and reboot.

My Top 3 Ways to Connect in Business:

Phone: Yes, I said it – I call! A 15 minutes phone call can set you apart from your competition and make you 5 times more effective than 15 emails debating an outcome.

Meeting in Person: So many people want to Skype, but giving someone your time, especially in a group atmosphere, motivates answers and solutions.

Sharing a Meal: Breakfast, lunch or dinner. Real connections can occur while enjoying an in-person experience. I have surprised Steve a few times, and when he noticed I was getting out of the office, he too decided an hour of listening and sharing was a good shot of B12 for the business soul.

Things We Tried in 2018 to Increase Positive Connection:

Fun Friday!: We recently started “Fun Friday” where we share a lite breakfast and don’t allow business talk…only fun! It only takes 15-20 minutes!

We skied together!: Getting out and exercising really bonded LA and Chicago development teams, and for those worker bees in our Chicago office, we had a Greektown lunch & learn onsite at 727 Madison to see this 45 story building underway!

Getting out, living it up and going person to person gets us together!

For connecting with my higher self, 24 hours of unplugging Saturday thru Sunday is my safe space! In Miami, you will find me at the beach or at The Standard for yoga. In LA, you can find me in the mountains hiking, at Exhale or SoulCycle. In Chicago, I spend time at The Langham Spa, in the gym at The Sinclair, or on Wells Street where I enjoy a mani-pedi with a downloaded meditation on my iPhone. In Dallas, or coming to a city near you, find Rise Nation and start climbing!! This indoor climb fest is contagious! Your brain thinks differently moving in new directions and incorporating these moves gets you going.

Get out, try something new, and say yes to real human reconnection!

While technology is terrific, it may not be the best source of filling your well and in disconnecting, we make connection on a better level in the REAL world.

With gratitude,