The Marie Kondo Method – The Randy Fifield Way

After raising 5 kids, moving homes, and designing projects these handy tips will help you tackle your spring clean…(read with caution…this article may cause shopping or redecorating).

As many of you already know I am a house proud mama always looking to learn a few more tricks to keep everything looking good and running smoothly.

When the kids were little, I kept a dinner calendar, shopping list, each child had a cubby to hold their daily belongings and no kidding…their school uniforms were lined up by size in a back hall closet right across from the laundry.

Inside a kitchen cabinet are all the school supplies – markers, index cards, a hole punch, and silver rings to hold the cards, pencils, pens, scissors and all sorts of stickers and paper along with a ruler.

The kids’ rooms had shelves and hooks and bins and organizing trays and baskets.

Our playroom had bookshelves and the toys were put away with the correct pieces.

As we moved – I gave away a lot to friends and family members who were having kids of their own!!

I also recruited organizational specialists to help the kids redo their closets and reorganize my kitchen or linen closets.

Now that the kids are older I still keep a basket for shoes at the front door or back door, a basket for laundry helps carry items, a hamper is a necessary fixture, and we donate on a regular basis.

Stacking books can look like a design feature – picture frame shelves hold a lot in a hallway or in living space – put a desk in your living room or your family room to be efficient!

Today SMART furniture can ease the cost of built-in furniture but if your old home has it…LEAVE it!
It can be painted and updated according to the space.

Now that some of my kids live on their own and pay their bills a portable file box keeps documents organized, a typed emergency book is in each home and each kid has a living will.

A bar cart, an island, a work table or craft table with storage is cute for a wrapping room, keep extra blankets at the end of a couch for a snuggle and a tray and flatware basket makes meals function well and look great. Remember an ottoman with space on the inside can be used for toys, a bathroom seat or to hide clutter.


A little tray in the bathroom or by the bed keep forget-me-nots like rings,
a tissue box, eye covers, a sweet book, a scented candle, and matches make a guest room feel like home. A countertop organizer helps a morning routine stay clean.

A bulletin board, a seat, hooks, a key station, and a charging station keep a back hall or mudroom a drop zone that works!

Pantries can be organized by box or plastic canister – shelves can pull out of cabinets or storage areas for easy access. Keep extra drinks so you’re always prepared. We keep WOW fridges at our properties in the unit for guests to choose a treat. In our kitchen, at home, we keep snack baskets with 100 calorie snacks that can stay on a table or counter for a fast pick.

On the empty wall mount a broom and keep a small stair to stand on so everything is in reach.

At holiday time I keep a present tote with wrapped gifts in a pinch. Or Halloween treats in a basket on the entry table.

For clothes, we keep a sewing kit, iron, steamer, Tide pens/wipes for emergencies and a lint brush handy. Under the bed organizers and wardrobes have helped small spaces. In a pinch, a closet can be made into a desk area or even a baby nursery.

I love cabinets and shelves in the laundry and garage too!
I have even hung art in both to make them feel like a room!

A clock/hooks/ a basket or shelves anywhere will get used.

Closets, clutter, and cleaning are much easier done daily and if you use a system…you too will be house proud!


All my love-