Winning in Chicago – Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Rarely in history, while I was growing up, did we ever see a winning sports team. I remember the Bears doing “The Super Bowl Shuffle” while I was in college and then came long years of waiting. Some years were good for the Cubs, and then there were the Bulls years, which also happened when I got to college, and then the Blackhawks, but lately, Chicago has game fever!

I have always been competitive, which makes me a sports fan extraordinaire.  I like to win and I like to watch others play. Even people that do not consider themselves sporty get excited to see their hometown teams win!

Normally I call out the W for women but in this post, I am calling out the W for winning in Chicago. This is the first time the Cubs and the Bears are in first place in a long time, and the Bulls and Blackhawks are beginning to play too!

Your child will NEVER forget going to a game with their mom or dad. – it is a life gamechanger to see this type of talent play live. There can also be excitement sitting in your home with popcorn and treats, at a party with friends, going to an establishment or even turning on the TV at your office, dorm, or school.

Being supportive of your hometown teams is important,  you learn the history of where you come from, what you stand for, pride and a united friendship in sharing. These teams become your legacy in some way shape or form. In our buildings, we show and share these games to create that spirit of community!

Show your spirit Chicago!

Go Cubs! Go Bears! Go Bulls! Go Blackhawks! Go Chicago!

And remember this quote from popular television show Heros “Save the cheerleader, save the world!”