Winning is Not Everything!

Vince Lombardi once said, “Winning is not everything, but making the effort to win is!”

In every development no matter how big or small, the Fifield Companies is always trying to build it better. Every planning session is geared to maximize efficiency, build green and in the end to construct the BEST in Class Development.

This year our NEXT Apartments, located at 347 West Chestnut in Chicago, has won 6 awards: Best Development by Commercial Property Executive / MHN, 3 Green Globes for being a company and a development that strives to protect and conserve resources, and 2 Key Awards for Interior Design and Management.

In addition, I was named by The Home Builders of Greater Chicago as their first ever “Woman of the Year in Construction”.

Even more thrilling than the honor itself, is the fact that this association has chosen to add this category to its Key Award roster. I have made it my mission as a woman in development and construction to be an agent of change; from office to condominiums to multifamily rentals. Change in how we market and deliver our apartment homes, making sure we are constantly redefining our offerings to give residents the very best units with top-of-the-line and unique amenities as well as concierge services.

I’m not the lone woman in the decision-making suite. I’m joined everyday by senior level female executives and managers, either our own employees or outside designers and consultants, who structure complex financing on multi-million projects, run construction companies, provide loans, or serve as principals of architecture and design firms. Jeanne Bartels from McHugh Construction just completed The Sinclair for us for example.

Collaborating, cultivating, and elevating women in the industry is a personal priority. Making Fifield Companies a top employer and partner for female professionals and women-led businesses has been essential to my vision for success in the construction industry.

The tide is turning and things look much brighter for woman in construction in 2017 and beyond.

While we may not win all the time, the spirit of wanting to make a positive difference in construction, development and the community has paved a way for women and men to learn and grow collaboratively.

With respect and gratitude;