18 Tips for 2018


1. Learn About Yourself
The Ancestry Kit provides health and family knowledge that is not only fascinating, but informative!

2. Improve your Skin at Home
For better skin at home, try the Neutrogena Light Therapy Mask.

3. Get Radiantly Fresh Skin
Try a dermaplaning facial – removing the top layer of skin to achieve radiant, fresh skin.


4. Frame your Eyes
Microblading your eyebrows gives you lots more time to wake up and go – plus they give a semi-permanent frame to your eyes!

5. Practice Pilates
Pilates creates a strong core and improves posture.

6. Explore the Benefits of Reflexology
You’ll be surprised by how your feet respond to an hour of rubbing!


7. Learn Something New
Watch a TED Talk or 2 and learn something new!

8. Hire a Task Rabbit
Hire a TaskRabbit to help with chores that did not get done in 2017.

9. Eat Broccoli
Fresh, steamed, sautéed…eat broccoli! For Americans, it’s among one of the best vegetable choices – low in calories but rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and healthy phytonutrients. Consuming a serving of broccoli daily can improve your nutrient intake and promote your general health and well-being.


10. Test Drive your Dream Car
Take your dream car out for a test drive just for fun!

11. Update your Wardrobe
Make an appointment with a personal shopper to update your wardrobe, and clean out your closets while you’re at it!

12. Pay it Forward
Do a favor for someone you know and don’t tell them…let it be your dirty little secret!


13. Cancel Unnecessary Cards  
Close down the credit cards you don’t really use.

14. Protect your Home
With the California fires raging in December, some friends hired private fire departments to help protect their homes. CHUBB and AIG provide services for covering homes in flame retardant chemicals that can save your home! Check insurance policies – take things off that have been sold or given away and add new holiday purchases.

15. Clean your Jewelry
Check your diamond ring at the jeweler and have it cleaned. Also have them test the prongs to make sure your stone is safe from falling out, and don’t forget about your watch!


16. Dance!
With your baby, with your toddler, with the love of your life, or even alone!

17. Build a Snowman
Make a snowman or a snow angel this winter!

18. Give out Compliments
Compliment one person every day; you’ll be happier because you did!

Numerology says the angels are with us this year because 2018 totals to 11! Watch for your angels that are always around you or be one…everyone could use an angel!

Happy New Year!
All my love,
P.S. Make sure to get your rest! If you have trouble sleeping, taking Vitamin B6 and Magnesium works for me!