Celebrating Summer


Here we are in Barcelona

Ahhh…summer! Fresh tomatoes, strawberries, and cherries. Farmers markets, eating outside, bike rides, and the beach.

Mostly I look forward to things generally slowing down in time to read a good book. My current book has me already planning more adventures to Bali and back to India.

No matter where you are this summer, these experiences celebrate this special time of year. The warm air, breezes, and outside pleasures are abundant! Take time for yourself AND your family. Local music festivals and art fairs, like Ravinia, Lollapalooza, and The Taste if you’re in Chicago. Fireworks anywhere are sure to make memories!

For us, the kids were all away and Steve surprised me with a trip to Europe. The last few years we have been so busy and when he brought up traveling,  I politely declined. This year he said, “Guess what!? I planned a trip away for just the two of us!”

The Catholic Church de Familia Barcelona & local wine and pesto in Cinque Terre, Italy

The regional food, foliage, languages, design, history and walking in these old cities in Italy, France and Spain ground you. I love the water–on the boat I sleep with my doors open and am rocked to sleep by the waves.

Sometimes we don’t realize all we do and give to the world until we are in a place that makes us quiet.

Wherever you are, celebrate summer, eat fresh food, go outdoors, and have adventures. Loving summer makes me feel like a kid again!

Visiting the monkeys on the Rock of Gibraltar was a trip highlight! (Bucket List item checked off!)

Barbary Monkeys on the Rock of Gibraltar

Here’s my summer essentials packing list:

Bathing suit
Linen shirts or dresses
Tote bag
Neova Sunscreen
A good book–download it to your phone if space is an issue
Flat espadrilles
Don’t travel with expensive jewelry
Carry on luggage only!

I promise if you do a little bit of planning, less is more…and a lot easier!

Always be sure to check travel documents and passports one week before.

In Italy, at Verazzo

One final travel tip…check out XpressSpa at the airport if you can get to the airport early (two hours checkin is a must for international travel!) This year I got my mani, pedi and massage right at the airport!

P.S. If you are an employer reading this post, encourage employees to have time off to refresh themselves. It is so important to allow and underline the importance of time away to clear your head. Studies show productivity and relationships will improve with partners when time off is welcomed!