How to Change Your Life in 3 Minutes!

Did I get your attention with that title? Ok…so maybe all these ideas won’t change your life exactly but these helpful and creative hints just may improve things!

Eat a kiwi – studies show a kiwi a day for 6 weeks improves energy and shows improved levels of vitamin C. Kiwis hold 100 percent of the vitamin C needed for the day.



Clean a kitchen drawer in the time it takes you to make air popcorn in the microwave.

Call a friend – no texting or email…Talking builds a connection

Need a good sauce? Warm a little white wine and butter…fish, chicken and even a dry steak can be enhanced with this yummy concoction.

Calm… it’s an application you can download on your iPhone – try it!

A nap – think 3 minutes is not enough? Maybe it is…

10 deep belly breathes counting to 10 inhaling and counting to 10 blowing it out

Write a note of thanks and send it in the mail

Drink a cold glass of water

Buy a new toothbrush

For 3 minutes stare into your loved one’s eye and play blink with a child

Pet the dog…this brings instant relaxation

Hose down the car yourself…yep, I said it! It makes a difference to do things for yourself including giving the car a rinse

When you buy something new…go thru the closet and throw away a few things no longer needed – Rule of thumb…if you have not worn it in a year it needs to go!

Try these and let me know if it works or

Share with me the 3-minute fixes that make your life better!

All my love –