Welcome to my new site!

This year has been off to a fantastic, fresh start with so many exciting things just around the corner after the tumultuous year we all experienced. Something I really wanted to do coming into this period to update this blog to fit my style and my motto: live, work, play. I want this blog and website to not only be a place that encompasses my work and my life but also a place that inspires other women to live unapologetically in a way that supports professional growth while enjoying all life has to offer.

I’ll be sharing more in this direction on my social media as well, where you can connect with me personally.

Here is a quick tour of my new site!

About me:

On my ‘About me’ page, you’ll find my bio, recent media appearances, my awards, my projects, as well as ways to connect with me.

My Projects:

If you go to “My Projects” in the navigation, you’ll find all of my real estate development projects with a few stats and links to the project sites. I will be updating this with new projects very soon!

My Blog:

On my homepage, you’ll find my blog. You can flip through the different topics of Business + Real Estate, Health + Lifestyle, and Travel + Culture. I’m excited to share my experiences consistently across these topics here and on my Instagram.

I’m thrilled to turn this website into a wonderful representation of my experience and a place of inspiration and growth for other women.