Dynamic Women – Angeleno Magazine Interview

December’s Angeleno Magazine published me as a dynamic woman.

Thank you, Angeleno!

I was really touched by the letter from the Angeleno Editor, Laura Eckstein Jones, when she wrote “The Art of the Matter” about how creative people add dimension and quality to our lives.

While I love being a woman in business, I also love being creative. I LOVE the arts and enjoy meaningful moments that are created by chefs, dancers, artists, architects, florists, writers, family, directors, friends, and even my pups.

I’ve included Angeleno Magazine’s Food & Drink Guide, Paradise Found Trend Watch, an article about OnlyRosesThe Color Wheel and 10 Things to Covet Right Now. ALL of these great excerpts can be found in the Angeleno Magazine December 2018 edition! 

Their online magazine is almost as much fun as the glossy coffee table edition. What I loved most is the artful eye and respect they showed for artful people, places and things.

I was emailed the magazine right before Thanksgiving. I celebrated in Chicago with all the kids and some of our grandkids – I loved making the turkey and the ham, baking the rolls, fresh cranberries, candied yams and making the brownies. After Thanksgiving, we opened a few presents and went to the Bulls game.

The art of the matter kept resonating with me. The love between kids, how pretty the turkey looked, the joy I felt in creating my family and the beauty in the time we spent together. I really listened to my daughter play the piano – I gazed at my own art around my home and I actually sat and enjoyed the Christmas tree.

Some people in business would say, it’s the art of the deal. For me, art is enjoying things that matter.

Thank you Angeleno Magazine. The art of the matter made for a meaningful holiday enjoying the art of things that matter!

All my love,


P.S. Who “dressed” it better?