19 For 2019


Why does it seem like I just wrote 18 for 2018? It seems like I blinked and 365 days passed at a glance! Well, with the new year upon us here we go – 19 for 2019!!

1. Go Gluten Free

Try it! I did it this year and I look and feel better!

2. Take on a Minimalistic Approach

Sometimes less is more!

3. Get to Know Yourself

In 2018, our firm used The Culture Index to continue to develop our world-class company. More effective communication, complementary personality traits amongst our teammates and the understanding of how your natural fit with others can make a difference in team performance.

4. Selfless Help

Soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and donating your time to the less fortunate can help put you in touch with services and people in need right in your own community. Writing a check is nice – it’s needed, but showing up in person sets a different dynamic in the brain. Sometimes we do it with our company and sometimes we do it with family. Write to me about what you’re doing in your community – I would love to learn new ways to help!

5. Stress Management

Anxiety was a word I heard every month in 2018. Setting your 2019 intention to address this challenge IS smart planning – I now do something daily for myself. Seeing my friends, deep breathing while I have tea and sit to eat or enjoying a quiet moment are a couple of ways I practice stress management – sometimes when I  take a moment, I cheer myself on privately – “good job, Randy for doing something nice for yourself!!” I like myself better when I take time for myself! I am a better person for sometimes putting my needs first. Try that mantra and see where it gets you!

6. Common Ground 

Walt Disney wrote a phrase about how all humans have more in common than they think – find common ground with your peers and your family.

7. Be Eco-Friendly

Drink water from the tap, use real dishes, try and recycle – if you did just one of these, it would be an improvement!

8. Eat Your Vegetables

Be sure to fill your plate with veggies – eat the rainbow!

9. Human Touch

Scientists say even your hair grows better if your head gets tickles – is there anything better than head tickles?

10. Detox Tea

It works…just saying! Have a bathroom close by!

11. Care For Your Smile

Crest white strips, floss, brushing, and white teeth – awesome!!

12. Plan an Experience Each Month

It’s something to look forward to! Concerts, travel, eating out…be a planner – even a game night can be a game changer!

13. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) works – for knee joints, hair, face, and more! Ask your health professional about recommending a care giver by you or write to me and I will share!

14. Say I’m Sorry

Make amends – these little words are hard to say, but in 2019 right a wrong, clear the air, and trust that it can work out!

15. Go Gospel

Try it – you will like it! Bright Star Church in Bronzeville on Sunday makes the devil run scared. I danced, I cried, I felt a presence, and people were so kind! Take a leap of faith and try a gospel church – even an agnostic CAN be moved with the vibration of that music. You will feel connected to a power beyond earth.

16. Walk Away From the Register

Stop impulse shopping, both in stores and online! My spending was down in 2018. Why? Because our family concentrated on our needs rather than our wants – it helps!!

17. 401K

Statistically, this will be your best investment in retirement.

18. Know Your Local Representative

Understand your community wherever you live. You may be surprised with politics and what is really going on that is NOT in your best interest.

19. Get a CBC Panel

This is a blood check up! At your physical, ask the doctor to run a panel – check your calcium too! Imbalances CAN be linked to health issues that can be corrected if caught early.

Last note, Love. Love yourself, love others, and love where you live.

All my love for a terrific 2019!!