How Do You Do It?

Repeatedly I am asked: several projects, several cities, and many kids… how do you do it?

Well… it is a little like being a marathon runner. I have trained all my life, and I am still a work in progress! Still I have secrets to share that could help you increase your productivity, feel better, or even look better.

Better yet… you can do ALL of these things no matter where you live, work or play in major cities and at home.

1. I drink water with lemon before I eat. I try for 8oz an hour, and if I am flying back through Chicago or LA sometimes I get an IV filled with a Myers’ Cocktail. (A Myers’ Cocktail includes Vitamin B, Selenium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Vitamin C.) I don’t drink alcohol, and I drink tea. Kombucha tea is not for the faint-hearted, but it is filled with lots of good enzymes, probiotics and electrolytes. I carry tea bags of Dandelion Leaf to drink on the plane.

2. If you work with me or are a friend, my 2AM emails might give away a restless night with lots to get done, but I do try for 8 hours. And a 15 minute catnap before nightly events is a must.

3. I try to eat 60 grams of protein a day and eat salads with olive oil.
I love Muscle Milk that I mix with coconut water and bottled water, and sometimes I add Nescafé Coffee with Ice in a blender. (There’s no sugar in the recipe or in the Muscle Milk!)

4. Pilates, U-Jam, Spin Class, Yoga, Hiking, Walking, Powerplate, Orangetheory and Exhale … LOVE THEM!! I do hold my plank in my hotel room and do my sit ups and my push ups regularly. Look at ClassPass to switch up your routine. I love to move!

5. I get my teeth cleaned every 10-12 weeks. More and more articles talk about healthy gums. Plus… I smile! I have been blessed with nice teeth, and I need to take care of them.

6. A Clear and Brilliant Facial is a real winner for my skin. This is a good quick fix laser with really no downtime – I do it after work and come home slightly red, go to sleep and wake up clear! Derma Sweep is another great facial to keep my skin clean. These are brand names that ARE available nationally!

7. Neova Suncreen, and I carry it with me!

8. I carry a snack and eat every few hours to try and avoid low blood sugar.

9. OLAPLEX to strengthen my hair. I can have it done at a salon and travel with it!

10. I clean my body at night. An Epsom salts bath, a long shower or a quick in and out takes away the day’s residue.

Lastly… yes, I say my prayers. Sometimes several times a day. It really makes me feel better and helps me do what I do everyday. My kids laugh at me because when I find white feathers I always say ” See…the angels are with us!” I sometimes pick them up and put them in my handbags, my luggage or my coat. I always laugh when they turn up again and again.

Andy the parking fairy is also a helper I count on!

As crazy as these things sound, they work for me. Maybe it is a placebo, but I CAN get things done because I feel nurtured, supported and strong. I also have a great team at home with family and friends and my team at The Fifield Companies that move the needle every moment. I am keenly aware and grateful for all the things and people that empower me to do what I do!

I hope these tips can come in handy, and when you see a white feather or need Andy, the parking fairy, maybe you will laugh too.

One of the greatest prayers one can say is “Thank you” out loud.

Take good care –