Spring Break Travel Essentials

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 5.23.32 PMWith Spring Break upon us, I thought I would share my top travel tips! I am on the road weekly, and these handy tips are time-savers AND smart! Whether you’re traveling alone or with the family, try these helpful tips for a smoother trip.

1. Be organized and read-up on where you’re going

Book everything in advance. Don’t only book your flight arrangements but also restaurants, entertainment, sports, or adventures. Next, think about your transportation. Transit? Uber? A rental car? Usually having a car and driver will allow you to maximize your time spent exploring the city. There are lots of good deals out there so look at AAA or brand gold club advantages if you’re traveling frequently.

2. Travel with only carry-on luggage

I have been around the world with only two carry-on bags. Yes…even kids can travel with roller bags and learn to be responsible. This also helps to not overpack (you’re taking a vacation from the kitchen sink NOT bringing it with you). If you’re planning on going scuba diving, skiing, or golfing- you’ll want to ship your gear ahead of time, typically one week for ground shipping.

3. Plan your wardrobe and use a packing list

Again, research where you’re going and what you need. New York, LA, Aspen, Maui…they all require different looks and different essential items. Be prepared.

4. Stick with the minimum beauty essentials

Your makeup bag needs to be efficient. Make sure you moisturize your face and drink lots and lots of water.

5. Sign up for TSA Pre-Check Global Entry


6. Take early flights so you’ll have the maximum amount of time to relax at your destination


7. Download FlightAware

This free app provides live flight tracking, airport delays, weather maps, and flight routes.

8. Check your airline’s pet policy before booking

Most airlines allow small pets to be carried on board with you for a fee. Be sure to check the size requirement. Before boarding, make sure to take them on a long walk so they don’t get too restless. You could also take Fido on a puppy playdate before the big trip! Sometimes long flights can cause anxiety in pets, so you may want to consider a road-trip instead. There are plenty of pet-friendly hotels out there. Just be sure to do your homework and book in advance. 

9. When my kids were little, I always packed them a surprise backpack

Snacks, toys, books, their own blanket, and other fun things will make their trip more enjoyable and cozy. Use your time on the plane as downtime. Sure there are movies and music to keep them occupied, but flash cards and reading over the seat-pocket maps can be a nice chance for them to learn about the world!

Chances are that if you follow these tips you will have a smoother trip and look as well as feel better on the road.

A little planning goes a long way!