The Marie Kondo Method – The Randy Fifield Way

After raising 5 kids, moving homes, and designing projects these handy tips will help you tackle your spring clean…(read with caution…this article may cause shopping

Things I Wish I Knew Before Buying My First Home

With interest rates being lower than they have been in a while and some real estate inventory that has been sitting… There are buying opportunities!

Striving For Balance in the New Year

Plan accordingly and watch where the puck is going. As many of my readers know I am always making myself aware of new developments. The

Dynamic Women – Angeleno Magazine Interview

December’s Angeleno Magazine published me as a dynamic woman. Thank you, Angeleno! I was really touched by the letter from the Angeleno Editor, Laura Eckstein Jones, when

Female Trailblazer Championing Women in Commercial Real Estate

Today so many women are angry. Angry about politics, angry about things being unfair, angry about men and their unwanted advances and sexual conduct. As

Winning in Chicago – Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Rarely in history, while I was growing up, did we ever see a winning sports team. I remember the Bears doing “The Super Bowl Shuffle” while

Party On!

Cupcakes, flowers, friends, kids, holidays, birthdays, graduations, company celebrations… I love to celebrate life! The good news is, it’s easy! And making people feel special

Summer Lovin’ – 10 Films to See this Summer!

Ahhh… there is nothing like summer and more leisure time! I love fresh food like cherries, corn on the cob and tomatoes off the vine

Women in Building

On June 7th, 210 people came to listen to our “Women in Building” forum. My husband commented about how wonderful the energy and information was

Rotary Club Chicago Woman of the Year Keynote

On May 22nd I was asked to give the key note speech at the Rotary Club of Chicago. While I spoke about change, growth, diversity